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Here is your opportunity to learn how to paint or to purchase beautiful paintings from Pacific Northwest Artist / Instructor
  Bill E. Carnahan
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Bill E Carnahan
Bill Carnahan is a Certified "Bob Ross" instructor and has been teaching the technique for19 years.
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You do not have to have any previous art training or classes to be able to be successful in the class.
It is done step by step so no one is left behind. Each student will be able to complete their painting.

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*Annette Kowalski (with her husband) were Bob’s business partners and now own the Joy of Painting business.
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To observe Oil Paintings by:
Bill E. Carnahan

These are photos of a class I taught in Ashford WA, at  the western base of Mount Rainier.  Students young and old participated

 I worked a long time on this painting of a lynx cat  and am very pleased with the out come. It appears as if his eyes follow you everywhere.
Original is oil on canvas 24" X 30".
Satisfaction of Instruction is Guaranteed