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I am currently updating my whole web site to cover the changes I have            recently made.   I am longer teaching, I am just Painting Pet Portraits and Paintings of Old Barns.      I also changed name of the business from             "Wood-n-Acres Studio & Gifts Inc". to "Bill Paints Pet Portraits".                     I am now just Painting Pet Portraits and Paintings of Old Barns.                      This is taking time to get done but it should be completed soon.

How do  I go about getting a portrait done? - Take a photo or (several would be better) of your favorite pet or an old barn.  Photos preferably 300dpi so I can enlarge to see all of the characteristics to make an accurate painting. 5X7 is ok.

IS FRAMING AVAILABLE? -  Yes I have frames available at a reasonable price and often have coupons for a free frame.  A name plate is always included at no charge. I do not ship paintings framed.
If you refer someone to have a portrait done and they do it and is completed and paid for you will receive10% of base price paid towards the price of a frame.
- Bill has many beautiful paintings in his gallery for sale. Ask Bill and see how you can get his art in your house today. He also has hundreds of class demo paintings some of which you will see in the "Class Paintings" section on the website.  His art work also makes perfect gifts!

- Bill offers gift certificates that can be used for Portraits. He has brochures, business cards in his studio, and all the information you need can be found here on his website. He also has referral coupons you can give to a friend or acquaintance that might want a portrait done and if they do you will get a percentage of the base price.

ARE THERE CLASSES IN  OTHER LOCATIONS? - I don't know of any other instructors in the area for "Ross" classes.  Try checking on

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE VARIOUS GROUPS OF PAINTINGS, LIKE "BARNS" AND THE "CLASS PAINTINGS"?  - The "Class Paintings" are paintings that were painted in the "Bob Ross" technique classes.  These are the paintings Bill does as the instruction during the class to demonstrate for the students. These paintings are completed in one or two days.    The "Barn" or "Wildlife" etc. Paintings are done in the traditional style, which means they are done at various stages, let dry add more details until the paintings are finished.  Much more detail. These paintings will take several days, weeks or even months to complete.

ARE "TRADITIONAL" STYLE CLASSES TAUGHT?  -  No -  Bill no longer teaches classes.  

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