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Original Flower Paintings In Oil on Canvas by:
  Bill E. Carnahan
Flower Paintings
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By Bill E. Carnahan.

Hollyhocks are very tall plants of varying colors.  These are soft pale pink. The style of painting here makes them look soft and delicate. 

"Hollyhocks"    # 601

Original 24" X 12" $400.00

Iris are delightful flowers  and a lot of fun to paint. With so many variations of color, and shape, the possible paintings are unlimited. When I have their names, I title the painting with that name.

Original, Sold

"Snow Mound" # 807
This bright colored Iris painting would look great in many locations in your home.

"Neon Rainbow"  # 808

                                 Original 14" X 11"  $265.00
I got the idea for this painting at a rest stop along a highway. The bed of cosmos was beautiful. I felt the painting would be more interesting with the added butterflies.

"Summer Day"   # 814            
                                  Original 12" X 24" $400.00
These fantasy poppies are painted on a black canvas and that makes them more brilliant and beautiful.  This is a technique I teach and is very easy to do.

Original, Sold

"Red and Copper" # 819
Flowers of wildlife? Or both. It makes an interesting painting either way. I have always liked columbine and Humming birds. Until recently I have had a hard time getting columbine to grow, now they grow like weeds.
"Waiting in Line" # 804      
                                 Original   9" X 12"  $150.00
Roses, violets and daisies make a fun bouquet.  many of the ideas for flowers come from the flowers in our own yard and garden.

"Roses and Violets"  # 923       
                                Original 16" X 20"  $450.00

Martha Washington is an old favorite in geraniums.  I can remember them as a kid.  It is still a very beautiful flower. I like to paint flowers as they are all interesting in their own way.

"Martha" # 928 

                                   Original  9" X 12"  $150.00

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