Bill Paints Pet Portraits
Original Landscape Paintings
In oil on Canvas by:

  Bill E. Carnahan
Bill Paints Pet Portraits
2002 Englewood Ave - A
Yakima WA 98902

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By Bill E. Carnahan.

Landscape Paintings
A little stormy near Seaside Oregon. My daughter took a photograph of the area.  The dark clouds look serious.

"Storm Coming In" # 911       

                                  Original 18" X 24"  $600.00
Watching the graceful Trumpeter Swans flying over the Ohop Valley near Eatonville WA makes for a pleasant painting.

"Keeping Ahead of the Storm" # 2003        
                                 Original 16" X 20"  $450.00

I thought the unicorn needed some mystical air to is so the misty trees, the clouds outside and the castle would make an interesting painting.

"Mystical Legend"    # 2045 

Is this a landscape or wildlife?Let your imagination go and have fun with paintings like this. It can be a challenge while being a lot of fun for the artist and the observer.

"Celestial Howl"   #2044         
                                  Original 16" X 20" $450.00
A few painting I do in the traditional style are things that makes a person feel good. Most of my traditional paintings are done from nature scenes, barns, animals and flowers I have seen or a family member has photographed. 
"Spring"   #602    

                                     Original 16" X 20"

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Sometimes it is just fun to do something different. I do paintings from time to time with various shapes. let your imagination go.

Original Sold

"Mountain Dream" # 501