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Original Barn Paintings In Oil on Canvas by:
Bill E. Carnahan
An old Barn outside of Colfax WA.  It has beautiful colors in the wood, plus all of the colors of the grass and weeds. The barn probably won't last many more eastern Washington winters.

"Last Days" #2801        
                                     Original 18" X 24" $600.00

This old Barn seems to be perched on top of the hill.  I like the effect for the painting. It is in the Colfax WA area.

"Hill Top" #2802      
                             Original   16" X 20"  $450.00
This is a pleasant setting for  a lovely old barn located near Elk WA, not  far from Spokane WA. I especially like the colors of the wood and the compliment of the greens. The fence adds interest.            

"Spokane Barn" #2803   
                                     Original 16" X 20"  $450.00

I really like the colors in the barn, which makes a much more interesting painting.  It is located in Virginia.

"Back Yard Barn"  # 2901      

                                  Original  11"X 14"
A large barn in the Colfax WA area. The contrast of the reds, greens and yellows makes the composition pleasant for me.  It is a stately old Barn.

"Colfax Barn"  #2902 
                                       Original 18"X 24" $600.00

The last snow of the winter, near Troy ID. The sun casts shadows and the lingering snow is a nice setting for the barn which is in pretty good shape.
Original and Prints available.
"Last Snow"   #2905         
                              Original  16" X 20"  $450.00

The beauty of changing wood  as it ages is so amazing. This awesome barn is near Lenore ID.

"The Colors of Wood" #2906     Original Sold
A Picturesque old farm on the road through the Sacramento Valley, Calif.

"California Farm" #8201    
                                Original 14" X 18" $350.00
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