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Wildlife Paintings 
Original wildlife Paintings In Oil on Canvas by:
Bill E. Carnahan
Grizzly Bears are big bears but sometimes have almost human characteristics. This bear was at Northwest Trek.  Many artists and photographers go there for subjects. 

"Getting a Better View" # 908  Prints Only

Lynx are a lot like tame cats, not as friendly though, and have the distinct tufts on their ears. in this large painting,his eyes will

follow you where ever you move.

"Spot" # 907     Prints Only 

Red Foxes are very curious critters.  They will often come very close to humans,  looking for a handout. I encountered them in Glacier Park and other locations.  The  eyes seem to penetrate, when checking things out.

"Watchful Eyes"# 801  
                               Original 24" X 18"  $600.00

Racoons are either loved or hated. They are very cute to watch, but can be very destructive and mean.

"Snack Time" # 802 
                                  Original  14" X18"  $350.00

Bob cats are hard to see in the wild, this one was at Northwest Trek in western WA, a short distance from Tacoma. They look a lot like a tame cat. In the painting in the dark area below the stump there is a critter.  Is it  family or lunch?

"Waiting"    # 803  
                                Original 24" X 18"  $700.00

Wolves are cautious and curious creatures. This wolf was at the Northwest Trek animal preserve near Tacoma WA.

"Looking"    # 904  

Original 16" X 20" $450.00
Mallard drakes are beautiful birds. It is fun and can be challenging to make the water show movement.

"Reflections in the Ripples"   #905
                                Original 18" X 24"  $600.00

These dolphins were photo- graphed in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Dolphins love to jump as if it is a game for them.

Original Sold

"The Game"  #906     

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