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Snowy Owls look so prim and proper with the almost white head and the bared   feathers.  This owl was at Northwest Trek.  I really enjoyed painting this painting.

"Snowy Owl" # 2002

                                  Original 16" X 12"  $265.00

Raccoons are very ambitious and can do amazing things with their human like hands. I put this one in the composition of the forest the old log and the stream.

Original and Prints Available.

"Looking for Lunch" #2004  

                                   Original 16"X 20"  $450.00

Snow leopards are not a common sight any except in zoos. This one lived at the Woodland Park zoo in Seattle. I created the rock background with the snow.  he looks like he is smiling.
"View Point" # 2005    
                                  Original 12" X 16"  $265.00

There are a lot of Roosevelt Elk in the state of Washington. The silhouette of the bugling elk in the shadows and  the sunset colors in the background seems like fall.

"The Bugle"    #2012                   
                                 Original 12" X 16"  $265.00

I found this white tail buck hiding in this old stump. He still has velvet on his horns. The tree bark and the shadows makes an interesting painting.

"Hiding" #2032  

                                Original 18" X 24"  $600.00

This is an a  herd of bison  that shows a method of protection they use. The cows all face outward in the circle and the calves face inward behind their mothers. Thus danger can be seen from all directions.
Original and Prints Available.

"Safe Circle" #2038

                                            12" X 24"  $400.00

Bears love huckleberries. This bear lived in the San Diego zoo.  I thought he should be where he would like to be, picking huckleberries in the real woods.

"Berry Picker"   #2201  

                                 Original 16" X 20 "  $450.00
Pronghorns Double Are interesting both in color and features
The black horns and black markings are unique. This one was on the National Bison Range in Montana.  Late afternoon he was just taking a rest.

"Afternoon Rest"    #2203

                                Original 12" X 16"  $265.00

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