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Wildlife Paintings Page 4
Original Wildlife Paintings
In Oil on Canvas by:
Bill E. Carnahan
These two Bighorn sheep are ready for a battle.They were located along the Snake River Canyon.

"A Rocky Encounter"  # 21007 Original, Sold

When The salmon start to run up stream to spawn in the summer in Alaska the Grizzly Bears go to McNeil river for the harvest . This bear seems to have arrived early and looks like he has been given wrong information.
"Where's the Salmon?  # 21101

                           Original 18" X 24"  $600.00

When the bears are catching salmon the eagles are also, or picking up left over scraps. This one is taking food to her young.

"Headed to the Nest" # 21102  

                                  Original 18" X 24"  $600.00

This bear looks like he is getting tired and is taking a short rest. Of course the seagulls are waiting for an easy meal.

"Hard Work"  #21103       

                                Original   18" X 14"  $600.00

The bears catch and  eat fish until they can't eat any more. This one looks like he has reached his limit and is having to rest.

"oooh - One Too Many Salmon" # 21104     

                                  Original 18" X 24"  $600.00

Young  bears have to learn the techniques for catching salmon.  This one looks surprised he didn't come up with a salmon.

"I Know I Had Him !" #
                                   Original 20" X 16"  $450.00
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